Italy’s good food is certainly one of the main reason for which you will be curious to visit it, but Italy has more than thousand reasons for being visited. Ok, so considering I don’t want to go over all these reasons one by one, I will just list the mains that worths it:



Italy has in its own the 60% of the world’s history. Monuments, churches, archeology rests, museums, are one of the most important reason that attract every year millions of visitors. I just make some examples that will worth the travel: Venezia (considered by the expert an open museum for its particular structure, completely built on the water), Colosseum, Pantheon, Milan’s Duomo, Mole Antonelliana. These are few triggers that carry people to visit Italy, but I could list many and many more (contact me if you need suggestions about it).



The Italy sea, is another joule that convince the tourist to move definitely to Italy. Some example could be, Liguria sea which is very calm and worm during the summer, but also clean and full of vegetation.



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